Job Description

EMPACT-SPC (Suicide Prevention Center), a member agency of La Frontera Arizona, is an industry leading non-profit organization dedicated to providing valued community services and resources for behavioral health counseling, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention since 1987. We are an EEO/AA.

Our Substance Abuse Therapist provides therapy to adults and their families from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, focusing treatment on substance abuse issues. The therapy shall include assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and case management. It will also include maintaining client records in up-to-date and complete status.

Skills / Requirements

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  1. Provide psychotherapy for the purpose of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of adults and their families, individualizing these services to meet unique needs. Facilitate IOP, SOP, & Aftercare groups, using agency Substance Abuse Program curriculum, which consists of a comprehensive, structured, step-down group program, and can also include individual and/or family therapy, as needed. Use community resources and referrals, as appropriate, to enhance and expand treatment.
  2. Deliver at least 40 hours of work per week, with a goal of 30 hours of therapy services. Provide case management services to support and augment the therapy, as needed. Productivity standards are established annually, at a minimum. Some evening hours are required.
  3. Work independently and responsibly, and participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of treatment and prevention programs.

  4. Produce complete, timely, thorough, quality clinical documentation of all services rendered, both billable and non-billable, as required. The documentation must include sufficient information about the activity being documented and the client’s participation in, and response to, the activity.

  5. Ensure quality service delivery, including clinical care and all associated duties. Utilize Best Practice therapeutic approaches whenever possible. Maintain all client records in up-to-date status and in accordance with agency policies and procedures, as well as RBHA, state, and federal requirements.   Participate in the agency’s Quality Management Program, as needed or requested.

  6. Participate actively in regular supervision, accepting feedback and suggestions in a collaborative and strengths-based way.  

  7. Interact regularly and constructively with the clinical team, support staff, and administrative staff. 

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in all regularly scheduled administrative, in-service, and staff meetings. Recommend changes that would improve service delivery.
  2. Coordinate communication with other departments of the agency in accomplishing continuity of care.
  3. Participate in standing and ad hoc committees and work groups, as requested. Provide instruction and training for interns and coworkers in his/her respective discipline, as requested.
  4. Comply with the agency's standard of care for service delivery.
  5. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with state, community, and contracting organizations, and with collaborating partners.
  6. Perform additional related duties and participate in agency fund-raising activities, as requested.


Masters Degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, or directly related field.

Associate License through AZBBHE preferred


  • Experience working with substance abuse issues and facilitating groups is preferred. 
  • Must be organized & reliable
  • Possess knowledge of community resources
  • Demonstrated ability to remain calm in crisis situations, work independently and cooperatively, recognize personal limitations, and relate positively and with empathy to all persons regardless of age, race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Maintain professional conduct consistent with ethical professional practice and the policies and procedures of the agency.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and positive working relationships with internal and external team members, stakeholders, and community and business partners.